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Wildlife relocation - landscape design 
erosion control - environmental permitting/certification


Eco Solutions, LLC is a professional consulting firm offering custom environmental services to government and private entities. Our specializations include wildlife management, erosion control, ecological restoration, organic pest control (#55975), landscape design, and map creation/data analysis services.


Eco Solutions has been operating as the sole humane prairie dog relocation specialist for the city of Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Public School District for the past 10 years, in addition to serving dozens of private development companies in Santa Fe and other parts of Northern New Mexico. All of our prairie dogs are relocated utilizing reliable time-tested techniques that result in very high survival rates.

Eco Solutions currently releases prairie dogs in a scientific manner onto protected grasslands under the guidelines of an approved management plan.

Eco Solutions also offers custom landscape management services to meet the needs of landowners looking for a scientific and holistic approach to property challenges. 

Eco Solutions, LLC is a fully insured and licensed company.  

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Prairie dog rescued from the I-25 median prior to construction of the Rail Runner.

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