Eco Solutions, LLC
Your Problem. Our Solution.

Wildlife Management

Eco Solutions, LLC is the most active wildlife relocation specialist in New Mexico. All employees have college degrees and professional experience in biology and wildlife conservation.  Our techniques are recognized as the most humane method for the capture and relocation of prairie dogs.  All prairie dogs are released into optimal prairie dog habitat on properties with long-term management plans. 

While our specialty is prairie dog relocation, we will also work with you to resolve any wildlife issue using humane methods including pocket gopher control and organic pest control services. 

Ecological Restoration, Erosion Control & Landscape Management

While many contractors will try to solve your erosion or barren problem with concrete, steel, and gravel, Eco Solutions, LLC will offer you a holistic solution to provide you with years of increased vegetation growth, naturally healing erosion scars, and a more beautiful landscape increasingly frequented by wildlife. We offer humane and organic pest control services custom designed to meet the exact needs of each client. 


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