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About Us


Eco Solutions, LLC was founded by Trent Botkin in 2007.  The business was formed to provide the government and business community of Santa Fe with a reliable, professional solution for performing humane prairie dog relocations. Santa Fe municipal ordinance protects the Gunnison's prairie dog from development and requires the developer to hire a certified prairie dog relocation specialist to capture and relocate the prairie dogs under specified guidelines. Since, our success in resolving prairie dog management issues has led to project across New Mexico with inquiries from other states.  Eco Solutions, LLC has relocated over 3,000 Gunnison's prairie dogs to safe, sustainable habitat.  

In addition to prairie dog relocation, Eco Solutions LLC can also manage the mitigation of Burrowing Owls that are protected by the Migratory Bird Act.  Other Services provided by Eco Solutions LLC include custom GIS/GPS mappings services, erosion control, habitat restoration, native grasses/lawns, wild landscaping, and organic garden installation and maintenance.



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